About Us

About Us

What is Wood-Fired Neapolitan Pizza?

Well over two centuries ago, pizza was born on the back streets of Naples, Italy where street vendors sold rustic flatbreads garnished only with hand-pressed olive oil, sea salt and coarsely chopped garlic. Brought to life by wood fire and stone, authentic Neapolitan pizza is characterized by wood-fired ovens, dough’s made only with flour, water, sea salt and yeast, tomatoes grown on the volcanic soils of Mt. Visuvio, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh mozzarella. There are three basic Neapolitan Pizzas: the Margherita, (named in 1889 for its first fan Queen Margherita of Savoy), the Marinara which is simply garnished with tomatoes, garlic, oregano, and extra virgin olive oil, and the Bianca which is garlic, olive oil and fresh Rosemary.

Our House-Made Fresh Mozzarella

In Naples, fresh mozzarella is called "fior di latte" or "the flower of milk". Our fresh mozzarella is made from Wisconsin curd which we mix with boiling water and sea salt and then hand stretch into fresh mozzarella balls

Our Sauce

Our tomato sauce is made with tomatoes grown in the volcanic soils of Mt.Visuvio just outside Naples in Italy’s Campania region. The volcanic soil and Adriatic climate create arguably the finest tomatoes in the world.

Our Crust

Our crust is made simply with organic flour, yeast, water and salt and is opened and stretched entirely by hand. The result is a crust that is thin on the inside and thick and airy on the ends creating what the Neapolitans call the “cornicione”. Once thrown into our flaming oven the air bubbles blacken and blister peppering the flavor of the pizza. The fire and stone makes for a crisp pizza but not a cracker crust. Neapolitan pizza is best eaten uncut and with a fork and a serrated knife. Since Neapolitan pizza is made with fresh mozzarella, crushed tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil it is best described as wet.

Our Pizzaioli

In Italy the professionals who manage the wood ovens and make pizzas are called "pizzaiolos". At Pizza Brutta, our master pizzaiolo is certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana and has developed an extensive training program to ensure a true Neapolitan experience.


At Pizza Brutta we take environmental stewardship seriously. Like Wendell Berry we believe that eating is an agricultural act and largely determines how the world is used. We buy our wood from sustainable woodsman and partner with local and organic suppliers for most of our ingredients including mixed organic greens from Shooting Star Farms in Mineral Point, Wi, antibiotic and free-range Prosciutto from La Quercia, Milk from Organic Valley, and RBGH-free Wisconsin mozzarella.